Mosques and other places of worship have been closed down to avoid mass gathering at a particular place. Mosques are also asking worshipers to pray at home. No prayers will be held until the next 4 weeks I will give only Azan out during this time. Mosque throughout the city are brodcasting altered Azan that’s asking people to stay at home.

Mosques and other Places of Worship closed down to avoid Covid 19 Spread 1

Worship places like Hindu Temples and Churches are also closed down as well. The decision to close places of worship was taken by National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Mangement Authority and Ministry of Health. A Fatwa was also issued by the UAE Fatwa Council, urging people to remain at home during this crisis. In a statement it was said that:

“At mosques, only the Azan (call for prayer) will be given out to alert worshippers about prayer times. Mosque doors will remain closed,” the GAIAE said. “The words ‘pray at home’ will be repeated twice at the end of the Azan.”

The call that signals the start of a prayer won’t be made. Ablution halls at mosques will also be closed. “The situation on the current Covid-19 pandemic will be reassessed after four weeks.”

The Fatwa council has previously urged those who are week and are suffering from any respiratory issues to pray at home and not come for congregational prayers.


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