When it comes to owning a car Dubai might be the cheapest place in the world to own a car, and for most expats living in Dubai it’s the place where they usually buy their first ever car. It was certainly the case for my father who bought his first ever car here back in the 70s. I know my friends who own a car here but can’t afford one back home.  It’s the place where most of the expats from South Asia usually own their first car.  

How affordable is getting a car in Dubai? 1
Screen capture Yallamotor.com

Since I have recently moved back, I was just curious how affordable actually it is I ended up checking an online marketplace for cars and after searching few minutes on the site I found car listed at AED 1800 approximately $490, which is quite affordable I guess around the globe.  

I certainly can’t buy a car that cheap in my country, no matter how cheap it will cost me close to $1000 and even that car will be in such condition that I would have to pay another $150-200 on it to make up and running.  

So, if you are an expat living in Dubai and relying on public transport to commute, it’s time for you to think what think if getting a car will be more feasible or not.  One thing is for sure, getting a car is easy but passing that test for driving lesson is a challenge. 


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