Cinema is my go to place to get myself entertained and relax for a couple of hours, I keep track of the movies about to be released and if it’s fit the genre I like I usually end up watching it. I have been new to this part of the world and before moving here I asked around my friends, how much it will cost me to watch a movie in cinema.  

Cost of watching a movie in Cinema in Dubai 1

Searching the tickets online, I found out that watching a movie in a standard seat in any of the Reel cinema will cost me around AED 45-50. Their platinum seats on a few selected locations will cost you around AED 168. What can cinema experience be without popcorns? A combo of Pepsi and Popcorn at Reel cinema starts at AED 31 and a Combo of Pepsi and Hotdog starts at 41.  You can book your tickets directly from Reel Cinemas website.

Vox also has several cinemas in the city, watching a movie there on a standard seating will cost you around AED 40-50. There Gold standard tickets start at AED 95. If you are on a date for a movie, you can also check their gold standard couple package that starts at AED 265, which has addons to your Gold Standard tickets. A large bucket of popcorn at Vox cinemas will cost you around AED 20. Just like Reel cinemas, vox also offers booking your ticket online.

With plenty of cinemas spread out in the city, you can easily manage and find yourself a spot near you.  


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