Things have changed over the years on how we get our NEWS and how we consumed entertainment, despite getting access NEWS and Entertainment on smart devices most people still spend quite some time in front of the TV screen. There is a good number Free To Air(FTA) Channels available to choose from, however they have some limitation and it might not fulfill your needs.  
You can get a wide variety of channels if you go the Satellite Network cable route. There are four Satellite Network and cable provider in Dubai. Each has its own benefits and limitations.  

 OSN has two Packages to choose from. Their Basic plan El Farq starts at AED 250/month, with 33 Channels to choose from. Their Platinum pack is priced at AED 350 with 50 Channels to choose from. Both OSN packages have plenty of Entertainment, News, Infotainment and Kids Channel but it lacks sports Channel. OSN used to have its Sports Channel but the service shutdown back in March 2019. You can use your OSN receiver and subscribe to beIN Sports Network with additional cost.  

Cost of Satellite TV in Dubai 1

Etisalat eLife 

Cost of Satellite TV in Dubai 2
Etisalata Elife screen grab

The largest mobile operator in UAE has its own TV service. You can get an all in one service that covers your phone, Internet and TV starting at 559 AED. You can customize your own packages as well and get addons that suits your need. These bundle Internet, TV and phone packages go as high as 2850AED/ Month.  
Du Internet and TV plans 

Du is also a mobile operator who has its own Internet and TV services. Du has a wide variety of channels to choose from, just like Etisalat’s eLife you can also customize your own TV package and pay accordingly for e.g getting beIN Full Package that has 39 Channels out of which 18 are sports channel will cost you around 110 AED/ Month. Du also has customizable packages for the expat communities that covers channels in their preferred language.  

The Qatari based Network has its TV services in Dubai. Renowned for its sports coverage, it’s a great service if you love sports. Their basic starts at 20 AED which covers Sports, News and Entertainment Channel. Their Elite package will cost you around 166 AED/ Month. You can subscribe to beIN on all the above services.  

These packages don’t include installation charges, which may vary from operator to operator.  


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