You better get yourself medical insurance if it isn’t covered by the company you are working for in Dubai. Medical treatment isn’t cheap here, although doctor’s fees varies from area to area, the cheaper options might be down to more of a doctor’s qualification or lack facilities within the clinic or hospital.  

medical treatment in Dubai

A good standard hospital might end up charging you AED 600 ($163.5), which could be quite an amount for most. The lowest Doctor fee found out in a survey happened to be in Jabel Ali which is a port on the outskirts of Dubai and has mostly labor living there. A doctor serving in Jabel Ali will charge you a modest AED 50($13.6).  Most mid-range clinics and hospitals will charge you around AED 200-300. 

Dental treatment is similar as well it varies area wise as well. A dental checkup can cost you from AED 120-600 depending on where you are getting your medical checkup from.  

I was born here in Sharjah (UAE), not sure how much the cost my parents bared back in 1988, but I am certain that the it would be far less than what it costs today. Child delivery can cost you somewhere between AED 7000 to AED 30000. Normal delivery in any case would be less than the C section. You can subscribe and get an antenatal package and save some money on medical checkups during pregnancy, these packages will cost you around AED 4600- AED 7000, depending on the hospital as well as the number the number of weeks the package is valid for. 


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