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Dubai under curfew.


A curfew has been imposed in the city due to the ongoing Covid 19 situation. The decision has been taken to restrict public and traffic movements from 8PM to 6AM. A message by the city police has been circulated via cellular networks to all the residents, moreover public was made aware of the curfew via print and electronic media as well.… Read the rest

Laundry Service in Dubai that you can rely on.

Laundry Services in Dubai

Sometimes I feel like throwing the towel away to the floor. But you know what that means…more laundry!. Well I know you feel this too. Doing laundry is a real time consuming process. Especially for people living busy lives in Dubai with packed work schedules.… Read the rest

FOOD-At Your Fingertips: must have food delivery apps if you are in Dubai


Gone are times when you had to make a long phone call wait in the queue to get your favorite food. Now the food you desire is just a few taps away. What you need is a smartphone and few apps to get your bucket filled up with Scrumptious food.… Read the rest

Mosques and other Places of Worship closed down to avoid Covid 19 Spread


Mosques and other places of worship have been closed down to avoid mass gathering at a particular place. Mosques are also asking worshipers to pray at home. No prayers will be held until the next 4 weeks I will give only Azan out during this time.… Read the rest

Dubai closes all Gyms, Spas and Massage Centers to fight Caronavirus


To fight ongoing carona situation and to safeguard people living in the city the Department of Economic Development and all the responsible stakeholders have decided to close down Gyms, Spas and Massage parlors across the city. These spaces have been shutdown on 15th March and they will remain closed until the end of the month.… Read the rest

Apple Store in Dubai shuts down amid Caronavirus Crisis


Apple has shutdown all its stores in Dubai to protect both employees and customers from the spread of Carona Virus. Apple’s store both in The Dubai Mall and Mall of Emirates have been temporarily closed. No announcement has been made to when will these stores reopen.… Read the rest

Cost of Medical treatment in Dubai


You better get yourself medical insurance if it isn’t covered by the company you are working for in Dubai. Medical treatment isn’t cheap here, although doctor’s fees varies from area to area, the cheaper options might be down to more of a doctor’s qualification or lack facilities within the clinic or hospital.  … Read the rest

Cost of Satellite TV in Dubai


Things have changed over the years on how we get our NEWS and how we consumed entertainment, despite getting access NEWS and Entertainment on smart devices most people still spend quite some time in front of the TV screen. There is a good number Free To Air(FTA) Channels available to choose from, however they have some limitation and it might not fulfill your needs.  … Read the rest

How affordable is getting a car in Dubai?


When it comes to owning a car Dubai might be the cheapest place in the world to own a car, and for most expats living in Dubai it’s the place where they usually buy their first ever car. It was certainly the case for my father who bought his first ever car here back in the 70s.… Read the rest

Is your driving License valid in Dubai?

    Dubai Driving License
    Is your driving License valid in Dubai? 10

    Getting UAE’s driving license isn’t that easy as one has to take a certain number of classes and then have to pass that test that determines that you are worthy of one or not. I have known people who have been driving cars for a few years, but when they move to UAE and apply for a driving license, they fail to pass the test.… Read the rest

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    How affordable is getting a car in Dubai?

    When it comes to owning a car Dubai might be the cheapest place in the world to own...